Our Play Area

We have a two play area's to the side of the building with rubber flooring, both have secure closed fences around them ensuring that all the children are safe and secure at all times. 

The Ladybird room has its own play area allowing the children to choose if they would like to play inside or outside. There are a wide range of opportunities for the children to do outside from large water play to building with crates to making dens. We also have a large sand tray which the children can climb in and build sandcastles or digging up treasure. We also have a ramp up to the main play area which the children love to climb up and roll objects down to see how fast they go.

The main play area is for all the children, we have a climbing frame with a slide, large sand tray, water area, a play house and bikes, cars and trikes. The children carry out many activities outside from observational pictures, sound games, planting, painting, and other messy activities.

During the warm summer months we put canopies up to protect the children from the sun, we do also ask for parents to provide sun cream which we apply through out the day. We set out tables and chairs so the children can do activities whilst outside and they can also have their tea in the fresh air. 

We understand how important it is for children to play outside, there is always two members of staff with the children who are constantly supervising the children and ensuring the children's safety. The ladybird room and dragonfly club children concentrate on science aspects during the summer months like growing and mini beasts.

The dragonfly club use the main car park to play out, we close the gates and the children have a large open space to play games, make dens, chalk, and do other creative activities. We are currently developing this area this year to allow the children more ownership of this space with planting areas, chalk boards, art work up and a water area.