Ladybird Room (36 Months- 60 months)


The main Base staff in this room:

Becky - Senior nursery nurse

Ahleema - Nursery nurse

Georgina - Nursery Assistant

Ellie - Nursery Assistant 

In our ladybird room we cater for children aged 36 months to 60 months.

We are registered for 20 children, the ratio is 1:4 for 2 year olds and 1:8 for 3 year olds

The staff in our ladybird room work extremely hard in making sure all the children are happy, safe and secure. This then allows the children to gain confidence in exploring their environment around them knowing that their key person is near by for support if needed.

Our room is split into separate areas we have:

*Writing area

In this area we have a wide range of equipment for the children to use like pens, pencils, crayons, felt tip pens, chalks, stencils, diaries, note books, scissors, glue, envelopes, name cards etc. All this equipment encourages the children to mark make which inspires them to form letters and shapes which all work towards writing.

*Investigation Area

In our Investigation area we have a range of equipment for the children to explore and use in a variety of ways. Some of the equipment include: different containers with a variety of lids for them to open in a variety of ways, natural materials, magnets, magnifying glasses, etc. During the summer months the children concentrate on growing through plants and flowers.

* Construction area

The children have a wide range of building blocks in different shapes and sizes. we have large wooden blocks, large wooden colour blocks, Lego building blocks, and stickle bricks. All these blocks encourage the children to learn new concepts of balance, size, weight and textures whilst building towers and other sculptures.


We have a range of jigsaws from people with disabilities to farms, the children learn to share pieces and take turns. The children also learn about the world around them. The children also learn through trial and error, problem solving and through shape and sizes.

* Role Play

We have a kitchen area where the children can pretend to role play with out being judged or in a stereo typical way. We have equipment which encourage the children to match colour and shapes. This area is adapted often, for example a cafe, vets, hospital, shop, space ship, and many more it just depends on what the children are interested in at the time. We also link the books which the children are interested in into our role play are for example the tiger who came for tea.

* Music Area

We have a range of musical instruments which promote cultures from around the world. The children have access to the equipment at all times, we often use the musical instruments for dance and movement. We often have the cd player on so the children can dance and sing along, or they can sit with the headphones and listen to their favourite rhymes or songs

* Creative Area

We have a creative area set out with creative equipment set up for the children to choose, from paint, glitter, pencils, glue, pens, scissors, and collage materials which all go towards making lovely pictures for you. The children learn to make decisions, sharing, turn taking, by having the freedom to make their own decisions.

* Book Corner

We have got a cozy book corner with a wide range of books for your child to look through. This area of the ladybird room is a quiet area where the children can talk about their favourite books. The staff often sit in this corner and read to the children. We also have a wide variety of story sacks which all the children love as they involve using puppets in the stories the favorite are "The gruffalo", "Ten in the bed"and "Three Billy goats Gruff"

* Sand and water area

We have the sand and water available for children to play with on a daily basis, either indoors or outdoors. The children love experimenting by pouring, sieving, filling the containers and emptying them. We try to keep this area exciting by adding and altering the equipment for example when we are covering a topic on animals, we add animals to the sand and marine creatures to the water which makes the experience of playing in the sand and water more exciting. If we have children showing particular interests for example dolls we would add dolls, clothes, sponges, soap, towels, jugs, to this area for


the children to explore* Painting Area

Our painting area is available every day for free painting, the children can choose if they want to do a painting, most of the children's work is displayed around the ladybird room. This gives children the opportunity to mix colours, and choose different ways to paint for example they may use the brushes or use their hands.

* Chalking Area

This area is available inside and outside. Inside there is a chalking area where they can make a picture and wipe it away. Outside there are large boards for the children to use.

* Outdoor

We have a free flow policy which allows the children to play indoors or outdoors when they choose. We have activities which each individual children are interested in both inside and outside. We do also have a larger play area which has climbing equipment, bikes, cars for the children to use. In our garden area, the children help plant the flowers, and water them on a regular basis.

*The Early Years Foundation Stage

In the ladybird room we cover the 3 prime areas of the EYFS they are:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Communication and language

Physical development

We also cover the Specific areas in the EYFS they are: Literacy Mathematics Understanding the world Expressive arts and design

All these areas help the staff monitor the children's development and achievements. The staff can tell which areas the children are really interested in and which areas the children require a little more help with to meet their needs.