Butterfly Room (20-36 months)


The main Base staff for this room: 

Tia - senior Nursery Nurse

Joanne - level 3 nursery nurse 

The children are aged between 20 months and 36 months in this room.

The staff ratio is 1:3 under 2 years 1:4 over 2 years

We have a dedicated staff team who know each child's needs, the staff understand each child's interests and potential.

They also understand which activities interests each child and the staff develop on that to help emphasize the child's overall development and achievement.

Each child is given a daily diary which the staff fill in this continues until the child moves into the ladybird room where we encourage the child to tell the parents about their day.

We have soft module climbing blocks which helps with the gross motor skills the children enjoy climbing up the steps and down the slides and jumping from the low level steps. 

In our play room the children have a wide range of experiences which contributes to their development, all the equipment is the children's level.

All the equipment is clearly labelled so the children are able to participate in putting toys / equipment away.

We have many areas for the children to explore they are:

We have a sensory area, here the children can explore a variety of treasure baskets and join in heuristic play.

The Role Play area the children enjoy role play, we have a kitchen area where the children play dressing up and with the pretend food. The children are often walking the dolls in the prams or feeding the dolls.


The small world and Building Area where the children can freely experiment and play with different types of building blocks we have material, wood and plastic blocks which all contribute to a child's learning process as they learn about concepts through size, weight, and shapes. The children mix the different materials to build the towers in different sizes, this also helps a children to learn colours, number and textures through this type of play.


The small world area we have a variety of transport, animals and people. We use this area to focus on the understanding the world looking at our own families and variations in our own family life.

Our reading corner has low level shelves so the children can choose their own books, this area is used for one to one story telling and group stories. We also have story sacks which the children love to play with the puppets and join in with the story.

The children's favourite story is mummy mine, in this story there is a range of animals and the children love do the actions and sounds. In this area we also have singing time, the songs which the children sing are: Three cheeky monkeys, Slippery Crocodile, Twinkle twinkle, Baby elephant, Wind the bobbin up, Old McDonald, Miss poly, and many many more, each one has different actions which the children love to do even if they can not sing the song yet.


Some of our activities we do with the children in our messy area, we use the turf tray where the children can experiment with different textures, liquids and solids which build on the children's sensory development.

These activities include sand/ water/ painting/ cornflour/ pasta/ gloop/ flour / jelly/ rice/ pasta and many more. ??



The children have outdoor play time where the children get plenty of fresh air and exercise whilst having fun, the children enjoy playing on the slides, bikes, trikes, climbing frame, and in the play house.

We set up activities which allow the children to explore their environment through bugs and nature, large mark making, large water play etc We try to ensure the children spend some time outside each day unless the weather is that bad then we have indoor games where the children still get the daily exercise.

During the spring, summer and autumn months we are normally planting, growing flowers, tomatoes, peas etc Linking with home.

In this room we have parents meetings where the staff discuss the child's developments, their likes and dislikes, what they are interested in and what they are not interested in. This is a good time for the staff to learn more about the home environment and what the child likes doing at home. This is a nice time for both staff and the parent to develop their relationship.

We also have the online learning journal called tapestry, we do encourage all our parents to log in regularly to see what their child has been doing and to add to their child's file. The staff in the butterfly room work hard to follow each child's individual routine, we understand that each child is very different and each child likes their routine a particular way. Each child has a key person who will help to develop your child's confidence and be their to support them during each stage of their development

We focus on the 3 prime areas in the EYFS they are :Personal, social and emotional development, Physical Development, Communication and language development