Caterpillar Room (0-20 months)



The main Base staff for this room:

Sadaf - Level 3 nursery nurse

Summer - level 2 nursery assistant 

 The staff ratio is 1:3 

 The children are aged between 6 weeks and 20 months in this room.

 Our Caterpillar room is located on the main floor, allowing easy access to arrive with prams with no steps to go up or down.  

We use a key person system to help every baby settle into nursery, they will work along side your baby to help the transition go as smoothly as possible. 

We have a dedicated staff team who know each baby's needs, the staff understand each baby's interests and potential.

They also understand which activities interests each baby and the staff develop on that to help emphasize the baby's overall development and achievement. 

We offer many settling in sessions so both yourself and your baby will feel happy and confident on their first day at nursery.  

We have set our Caterpillar room up to allow crawling babies to explore the different areas, all the toys are on low level units. 

These areas include:

We have a lovely book / story time area


A sensory area 


A small world / construction


A role play area.


Ball pool


We have soft module climbing blocks which helps with the gross motor skills the babies enjoy climbing up the steps and down the slides and jumping from the low level steps.

We also have a ball pool, the babies love climbing in and out and throwing the balls. We adapt the layout to keep the babies interest.

Some of our activities we do with the children in our messy area, we use the turf tray where the babies can experiment with different textures, liquids and solids which build on the babies sensory development.

We also have the online learning journal called tapestry, we do encourage all our parents to log in regularly to see what their baby has been doing and to add to their baby's file. The staff in the Caterpillar Room work hard to follow each baby's individual routine, we understand that each baby is very different and each baby likes their routine a particular way. 


The staff encourage weaning through testing different foods like carrots, cabbage, broccoli, peas, sweet potato, apple, pear, plum, grape, banana, pineapples, melon and many more. All this information is relayed back to the parents about what your baby likes and dislikes. The staff team who work in this room know each baby and their needs, the staff are often sending home hand and footprints which is really nice for the parents to keep, also many photos of what your little one has been up to. 

We focus on the 3 prime areas in the EYFS they are :Personal, social and emotional development, Physical Development, Communication and language development